SIGVN Prospects for Sustainable Development

Sing Industrial Gas Vietnam Co., Ltd (SIGVN) is one of foreign investment companies in Vietnam, which is looking to create opportunities to develop.

Recently, SIGVN has built its capacity to stay in business despite changes in the macro economy, and has created a solid platform for the development of professional technical staff, responsibility and trust culture. Besides, it has affirmed its brand in the industrial and medical gas sector in Vietnam. Vietnam Economics News’ Mien Nam talked with Peh Lam Hoh, Managing Director of Sing Swee Bee Group of Companies (SSB).

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10 September, 2013

Could you share with us about the company’s solution to develop the industrial and medical gas industry both efficiently and safely?
Established in Singapore since 1978, the SSB has over 30 years of experience and has set-up operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Thailand. Realizing that Vietnam is a developing industry with great potential, SSB invested US$20 million into Vietnam to build an industrial gas manufacturing and bottling plant in Binh Duong Province. In November 2010, SIGVN was incorporated in Vietnam to undertake such activities.

The design, development, installation, testing, commissioning of the SIGVN’s plant was done with our group’s in-house expertise as we have similar operations in Malaysia and has done similar Cryogenic and ASU EPCM projects for our group’s customers in the region. In December 2012, SIGVN, with the state-of-art design and technology for safety and performance emphasis, was operational.

SIGVN is, fundamentally, an industrial gases solutions and services company. With the Air Separation Unit (ASU), we manufacture and supply high purity liquefied gases, such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and acetylene gas as well as refilling and distribution of industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and acetylene to industrial gases users in Vietnam, through a variety of gas supply modes and systems to suit our customers’ requirements, such as on-site plant, gas pipeline, bulk liquid storage system, LGCs and compressed gas cylinders.

In addition, we also offer a comprehensive quality product line of high purity gases, specialty gases and mixed gases that serve various industries including medical and pharmaceutical, chemical, shipbuilding, oil & gas, offshore marine, metal, semiconductor, electronic, power utility, environment as well as for the plasma cutting and welding and robotic applications. Further, we also supply refrigerants, hydrocarbons, safety equipment as well as cutting and welding and consumables products.

To ensure efficient and safe operations, SIGVN adhered to a strict set of policies, systems as well as process and procedures, mandated by the group, pertaining to safety, which requires us to secure the OHSAS BS 18001 certification (in the midst of preparation) as well as detailed, rigorous and continual training for all our staff; quality products and services, which, besides training, also involve the procurement process as well as selection of quality raw materials and sources (In this regard, we are also preparing for both ISO 9001 and 29001 certifications); and operation planning, which includes scheduling, flows and layouts.

Could you tell us about the company’s new business strategy for the future?
SIGVN is positioning ourselves as an Integrated Solutions Provider for Industrial Gas. We believe in helping our customers to understand their gas requirements and needs as well as providing solutions to array their concerns. We are coming from the perspective whereby our customers focus on their core strength, while we, with our vast experience in the technical know-how and applications, render the back-end support in terms of gases, layouts, maintenance of gas equipment and accessories, replenishment, comprehensive technical support, etc. to enhance their performance. We believe that such a strategy would help our customers expedite their development and growth. It is only when our customers and their corresponding industries do well, then SIGVN can grow.

Are you planning to open new branches in other provinces or to apply new technologies in your business?
We are planning to establish another facility in another Vietnamese province so as to render faster and better services to our customers. As part of our immediate focus, SIGVN would establish a hydrogen refilling facility and a hydrogen plant to promote the use of hydrogen as new green energy. With regards to new technologies, it is both the group’s and holding company’s culture, to constantly explore, develop and apply new technological innovations and R&D into the business units to enhance and improve the quality of products/services rendered as well as efficiency.

What is your view on the environment in Vietnam?
At the moment, SIGVN wants to do our utmost to alleviate any possible environmental damage, which may result from our activities. Such efforts include efficient use of resources as well as reduction of wastes and emissions of toxic and/or hazardous materials, re-cycling all the reusable wastes, and safe and legal disposal and treatment of all the discharged waste. In addition, our related companies are collaborating with their partners to develop off-gas recovery as well as conversion and green technologies. Once developed, such technologies would be available to Vietnam, as part of our integrated solutions to help mitigate such environment issues.

Do you have any comments or suggestions to develop the industrial gas industry in Vietnam?
As a group, it is our corporate culture to part-take in social responsibilities and to contribute back to each of the societies where we have our presence. Therefore, SIGVN will also undertake its corporate social responsibility in Vietnam. We believe that Vietnam has great potential within and beyond the industrial gas industry. Just that they are untapped and underdeveloped. We believe that only through selfless sharing of knowledge and in-depth collaboration with local Vietnamese companies, including our counterparts, can this potential in Vietnam be developed at a much faster pace and be realized as well as for all in Vietnam to enjoy the fruits of this success. As mentioned earlier, SIGVN is keen on to share our knowledge and expertise with our Vietnamese counterparts and others for the betterment of the economy./.

SIGVN Prospects for Sustainable Development
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